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The Biblical Cosmology Community now has a private community online where believers can ask questions, share answers, post events and links to important developments and educational resources. This is very much like a “Facebook” community, but it is not Facebook, and it is not public. Only registered users who are approved by the administrator can log in and participate in this Biblical Cosmology Community.

Why a Biblical Cosmology Community?

One of the reasons this is exciting news is because now genuine believers have a safe place to communicate with each other and to encourage and help each other in order to intelligently talk to their pastors and their friends and family about true Biblical Cosmology. It’s not easy to bring up the topic of what the Bible says about the creation of the Earth, and it’s no small effort to address the subject when someone else brings it up either.

Who wants to be criticized, called a conspiracy theorist, or have their character attacked by someone who is suffering from cognitive dissonance, and doesn’t actually know what the Bible says about creation, nor has any depth of knowledge about the lies and pseudoscience that has bombarded us our whole lives? What are the appropriate and most effective responses? You can learn how to talk to your pastor and others at BiblicalCosmology.Faith, and you can engage others who have more experience in this online community.

This Biblical Cosmology Community is private, meaning no one is in it who has not been approved by our administrator, and the public cannot see this community or any of the discussions. Only approved members can. While this provides needed privacy for the kinds of questions and answers and discussions we want to be able to have, you do not have to register with your real name if you have the need for anonymity. Many people have huge online businesses, and they cannot afford to have their businesses destroyed by evil hackers, and there are famous or wealthy flat earthers who also need anonymity. This site allows you to register with a pseudonym, although you will need a real email address, but you can get an email that doesn’t reveal your identity either.

This community also provides a safe haven for christians who are searching for answers and would like to join a community where they can safely ask questions and not be criticized. This is a great community, combined with our site to learn and grow.

Do you want a flat earth community of believers where the statement of faith is truly biblical and where the administrators monitor the conversations to make sure we stay on track with the Word of God? Do you want to be a part of a community of like-minded believers, but you do not want to be involved with crazy or radical people with whom you prefer not to associate? Then you’ve found it here. You can read our statement of faith, our missions statement, and you can read the many articles on our site and watch the many videos, and you’ll realize that we are genuine christians well grounded in the sound doctrine, passionate about the Truth, and living by the grace and mercy God so generously grants us.

This is a place where you can invite friends, and you will not be embarrassed to do so.

How Does The Biblical Cosmology Community Work?

We welcome everyone, and we are looking forward to the encouragement we can give each other as we journey down this path of exposing lies and revealing the Truth, all for the Glory of God.

Register here, and don’t forget to save your login information, which consists of your email address and the password you chose. You’ll use this login information to log back in as you contribute and participate in the Biblical Cosmology Community.

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We pray and hope you will be blessed by your participation.

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