Scientism in Church Pulpits in America (epub for Kindle)

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Scientism has invaded American culture in a stunning pervasive way, and it has invaded the American church thoroughly, deeply, and created strongholds in which biblical truths have been polluted by subtle but dangerous lies. Christians, including sincere pastors, never saw the assault coming, and 99% still have no idea what scientism is or how it relates to the viral lies that have infected their understanding of the scriptures and God’s truths.

Most pastors still think they can differentiate scientism from science, or pseudo-science from science. Unfortunately, most think what is called science is true science, and most rationalize it is God’s science and consistent with the Bible when it is not. Many have adopted scientism as science. The deception is real, and it is in the pulpit.

What is scientism and is it really dangerous to the church and to christians? Scientism is a religion and a primary weapon of war used by Satan against God and God’s creation. Scientism has crept into the pulpits of churches around the world, into seminaries, into the theology of the world’s renowned theologians, and into the minds of christians everywhere.

Scientism is an amalgam of true science, pseudo-science, philosophy, and theology masquerading as science, and despite the fact that scientism intentionally misrepresents the truth, it claims exclusive right to all truth in the world and the Universe. Scientism vitiates the scientific method requiring objective experiments, testing, and observation, and is self-refuting since it requires its adherents to assent to beliefs that violate its own stated requirements for knowledge. Consequentially, scientism has become a political, economic, social, and spiritual force deconstructing the truths of the Bible, starting with God’s story of how he created the heavens and the earth in Genesis and twisting God’s revelation of himself all the way through the Bible to the very end in Revelation 22. The chief aim of scientism is to convince mankind that God does not exist.

Scientism and pseudo-science are the key to destroying American churches, breaking the bonds of physical fellowship in the Body of Christ that are so critical to our union in Christ Jesus, emptying the pews of the churches, depleting the treasuries of churches, drying up the commitments that regular church attendees made to foreign missionaries, and leaving believers and unbelievers with the conviction that the local church no longer has a role in their lives.


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